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The Drunken Monkey album by Cozmo Beregofsky is a unique collection of original hip hop songs with a focus on creative word flows, strong melodies, and intelligent lyricism.

This beautifully presented 13-track CD includes a 20-page lyrics booklet.

Yours to own for only $10 AUD plus postage and handling. Available worldwide!

Track Listing:

1. Curiosity Complex

2. Choose Your Own Awareness

3. Operation: World Peace

4. Drunken Monkey

5. The Beregofsky Experience

6. Aliens

7. A Guide to Your Opinion

8. Masters of Consciousness

9. Force of Nature

10. James Bong 007

11. Smiling Eyes feat. Liv Raston

12. Imperfection feat. Pirez and Skald

13. Welcome to Earth feat. Liv Raston